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Fast loading pages with flexible images, readable text, easy links and low data consumption are key elements of today’s websites.   Flying logos, endless photo galleries and complicated animations are being replaced with simple, to-the-point messages and clear navigation.

Our projects have included websites large and small.  From simple blogs to database driven sites with hundreds of pages, for retailers, educators, instructors and entrepreneurs.

Here are a few links to recent projects.

Is your Website Mobile Ready?

Mobile Friendly, Mobile ready and Responsive websites in the Florida Keys

Responsive Websites - Look Good on All Devices

Whether it’s a rebuild or a new site and design, responsive websites (mobile friendly) are no longer an option.   The message from the search giant is clear - work well on mobile devices or be ranked low on mobile searches.

Mobile ready websites have been on the landscape for several years, with various methods of presentation, but now the first steps have been taken to establish standards.   Early in 2015 Google put their newest search algorithm in place that ranks a website’s mobile compatibility on more than a dozen parameters.   The more your site complies with these “guidelines”, the higher your rank in mobile searches.

Search Engines - Finding You on the Internet

SEO, search engine optimization for higher search rankings, Keystroke Media, Tavernier Florida

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Good SEO is one of the fundamentals of a well built website.  However, in many websites some or all of the essential SEO elements are overlooked or neglected due to budget, hasty construction or use of a free template.

There are about a dozen important touch-points search engine crawlers examine to determine what a website is about, and where it ranks compared to similar sites.  Put the right information in the right spots, and your search placement will improve!

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